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Roof repairs and maintenance Birmingham,West Midlands
Roof repairs and maintenance - Roofs With Solar Panels Birmingham

Repairs to Roofs With Solar Panels 

Poorly fitted Solar panels can cause damage to your roof, resulting in leaks. Practical Roofing can repair any problems you have with your roof following installation, without compromising the Solar Panels. If your roof is in need of repairs not associated with the Solar Panels, Practical Roofing can use its fleet of High access machinery to carry out repairs ensuring the safety of the solar panels. 


A common area for problems on a roof where the panels are secured to the tile battens, replacing an area of tile, is the flashing fitted around the collectors. If not fitted and secured correctly this can fail and allow water ingress causing leaks and damp. It’s an easily solved problem and Practical Roofing can replace the flashing while not compromising the solar panels in any way. 


Holes in tiles, allowing brackets to be secured to the battens underneath, are filled initially with a foam or rubber adhesive to keep them watertight by the installers of the panels. These fillers are often the cause of leaks when they are no longer effective, or were never effective in the first place.

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